Bones McQueen – K DRAMA (due 10/2022)

Khan Solo – Rock Paper Scissors EP (due 12/2022)


Bones McQueen – Pest Control (2022)


GRODD – Just Enough (2022)


shidasp – Sasha (2022)


GRODD – Dread Knot (2021)


shidasp – painting warmth (2021)


West Rhetoric – Tales from the Fap Chamber Vol. II (2020)


James – The Other Person is You (2019)


James – James (2018)


Khan Solo – Stargirl (2017)


J Wol – Aways EP (2015)


West Rhetoric – Tales from the Fap Chamber Vol. I (2015)


salvador – berkeley blues (2014)

“berkeley blues” is the second full-length installment in the salvador “project” trilogy. through the use of metaphorical compositions, genre-blending arrangements, and painfully honest lyricism, our narrator paints a visceral image of his college experience over the course of four emotionally unstable years. the city of berkeley sets the stage for salvador’s homesick letters, romantic confessions, drunken rants, vindictive exclamations, and existential confusions. to listen is to empathize with the manic-depressive angst of a 22 year-old recluse.


Jason Wolchuk – Wave Digger (2013)

J-Wol’s debut full-length release is “Wave Digger,” a collection of “dug-up” tracks that play like a dark exploration of electronic sound. Hard-hitting drums complement gritty synths in this ecclectic journey through the mind of a dance producer gone rogue.Generic loops are left behind in the wake of organically evolving musical movements that break convention both sonically and structurally. If your ears crave new sounds as much as ours do, you’ll hunger for the soundscapes J Wol synthesizes for years to come.


salvador – dysphoria ep (2012)


West Ghost – West Ghost EP (2012)

Mar Vista native Louie Lopez’s debut EP is a glimpse into the development of a producer daring enough to blend contrasting genres, manipulate audio unconventionally, and tell a story by means of a lush soundscape. These five tracks are a short tour through the seedy underbelly of the LA Beat scene, where old sounds meet new techniques and every engineering rule is meant to be broken.


salvador – rite of passage (2011)

“rite of passage” is an autobiographical collection of songs in chronological order, amalgamating over 15 acoustic instruments to accompany introspective lyrics. as salvador’s first release, it chronicles the artist’s journey from childhood to the cusp of understanding the human condition. it’s a daring dive into the world of songwriting and music production with a naivety that builds emotional investment with listeners, evoking interest in its “protagonists” future musings.