Paper Covers Rock™ is a collective comprised of writers, artists, film-makers, and foremost, music producers with one common goal in mind: the cultivation and nurturing encouragement of the arts in every member’s respective community, fueled by every artist’s limitless ambition and their desire to realize the intangible — to absorb and reflect — to empower rather than oppress — to create rather than destroy.

PCR’s current priority is to share and expand the local music community that has resulted from the rise of independent music producers, home-studios, and the increasing trend of genre-fusing that has become popular in recent decades through remixing, sampling, and the combination of various representative genre elements.

With time and more collective energy, we hope to expand our efforts to do the aforementioned with all mediums of art, be they written or visual. If you would like to get involved in any way, send us a message! Come to a show! Share your stuff!