4th Annual Summer Showcase

Summer’s almost over, but we invite you to join us for one final celebration of creativity at our 4th annual “Summer Showcase,” an event which gives our musical artists the opportunity to perform the music they have worked on throughout the past year!

In collaboration with Timewarp Records, we are proud to announce that this year’s lineup will include the “art rap” stylings of Ruby Yacht’s Milo, joined by new bodies of work from collective members Rosehead and Mr. McMacintosh.

Mr. McMacintosh will be performing unheard material from his upcoming album, Stargirl – a conceptual “beat tape” that weaves countless vinyl samples into a romantic narrative, reminiscent of J Dilla’s Donuts. Rosehead is scheduled to follow with a lush assortment of sentimental rhythms, many of which will feature sequences generated by custom software he has coded himself. Finally, Milo is joining us during his current national tour with Open Mic Eagle to promote his latest release Plain Speaking – a work that further refines the marriage of his introspective spoken word raps and lo-fi beats.

All ages are welcome. This is one of many future PCR events comprised of musical performances and community involvement. Help support your local arts + record stores!


Paper Tiger
(Guest Opener)

Mr. McMacintosh



Live DJ mixes between sets courtesy of BALACLAVA

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